WiSA Gets Ready For CE Week 2013 In New York City

By WiSA Staff Writers

This week, The Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association shared some big news with the announcement of new Members: Gibson, Onkyo, Dali and Amber Technology.   We expect these members to bring even greater product diversity to the WiSA family. 

Next week, Jim Venable, Alan Ruberg, and Linda Ferguson are excited to be attending their first CE Week in New York City, NY on behalf of the WiSA Association.   Many people have mentioned a market shift towards wireless audio, and we expect nothing less from CE Week.  Out of the 120+ exhibits, we are guessing a good portion will be showcasing some sort of wireless technology.

What makes WiSA different from all of the other wireless speakers and technology at CE week is that it is not Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi, not Airplay, and not FM.  If you want to know what make WiSA so different, check out this great article in Audioholics by WiSA CTO, Alan Ruberg.  You can also download our whitepaper here.

If you are attending CE week, please drop by booth 143 in the Altman Building and hear a demonstration of our wireless surround sound technology.  We assure you that you will notice nothing, because there is no compression, no dropouts, and no interference.  Just pure 24-bit music, video games, and/or movie soundtracks in their original sampling rate, up to 96kHz.  Jim, Alan, and Linda will all be there both days, June 26 and 27, 2013. 

If you are with the media and want to schedule a demonstration or briefing, please contact Linda Ferguson at lcourtneyferguson@comcast.net