AV Industry Expert Pete Putman To Showcase WiSA Wireless Speakers At Infocomm (Again)

By WiSA Staff Writers

ORLANDO, FL – “IS051 Wireless AV Connectivity: It’s Here” will be hosted by Pete Putman at 8am on June 13th at Infocomm 2013.  For the second year in a row, the Wireless Speaker & Audio (WiSA™) Association will be providing a WiSA enabled wireless surround sound speaker system from advisory board member, Klipsh to be demonstrated during his presentation.  WiSA President, Jim Venable and CTO, Alan Ruberg will be on site to answer any questions after Pete’s session.

What is different for WiSA this year at Infocomm is the wireless surround sound speakers Jim and Alan are bringing to the session.  This year, they will be prototypes from Klipsch; wireless versions of their well-known and widely-accepted Reference Series.  These speakers have been tweaked and tested earlier this year at CES and ISE, and now its time to showcase them to a much larger group.  We are anticipating over 125 people in the room, including some “golden ears”: audio professionals who take pride in critical listening, to put it nicely.

The Wireless Speaker and Audio Association is confident that everyone (or almost everyone) will be impressed.  The WiSA technology will grow from the home theater to larger theaters, classrooms, events, and houses of worship. As our membership grows, and more prototypes are developed, our demonstrations will also get bigger, and better. 

And as the prototypes are demonstrated, tested, and finally certified, they will become products on the market.  Wouldn’t it be great if there were WiSA products shipping by this year’s holiday season?  Stay tuned!