Anthem, Martin Logan, NYNE and Paradigm Join the WiSA Association

By WiSA Association Staff Writers

Speaker industry pioneers Anthem, Martin Logan, NYNE and Paradigm have joined the WiSA Association to promote high performance wireless audio in the home theater market.

“The mission of the WiSA Association is resonating with the industry’s premium speaker brands who would like to see an interoperability standard around high-definition audio technology,” said Jim Venable, president of the WiSA Association.  “We are thrilled to have speaker brand leaders Anthem, Martin Logan, NYNE and Paradigm joining our efforts to deliver on this promise.”

“For more than 30 years, Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category we offer, pushing the boundaries of speaker design and acoustical excellence,” said Zoltan Balla, Product Manager for Paradigm. “Collaboration with the WiSA Association is vital to our strategic business roadmap since wireless technology is not only changing the way speakers interact with other CE devices while offering consumers more choice for a home entertainment system. We will be demonstrating a WiSA-enabled prototype speaker system during the International CES 2013 at our partner’s suite, Summit Semiconductor, in the Venetian Towers room #30-217.”

“We have a passion for delivering wireless audio products that offer unparalleled fidelity and power, that function with mobile devices, while avoiding the clutter of racks, stacks, and wires,” said Arman Arami, President at NYNE. “Partnering with the WiSA Association was a natural extension of our mission and product roadmap.”

For more information, please visit the WiSA Association website.


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