Summit Wireless Introduces WiSA Compliant Amplifiers and 96KHz RF Modules

By WiSA Association Staff Writers

Summit Semiconductor, a member of the WiSA Technical Advisory Committee, introduced two big building blocks for high-definition wireless home theater surround sound speakers earlier this week.  The first announcement came on 19 December 2012, when they released the first 96 KHz WiSA-compliant radio frequency modules.  Previous versions only allowed 48 KHz sampling rates. This higher sampling rate is extremely important to audiophiles who have been leery of wireless audio technology for years.  These modules are the magical workhorses behind the WiSA Association, and can be built into any loudspeaker, blu-ray player, AV reciever, TV, or video gaming console.

The second big announcement from Summit came a day later on 20 December 2012, when they released the first amplifiers that were compliant with the current WiSA Compliance Test Specifications (CTS 1.0). Unlike traditional home theater surround speakers that have an amplifier that is separate from the speakers, these amplifiers are designed to be built into the back panel or base of the wireless speakers.  Each speaker will still need AC power, but in most cases, that is much easier than running speaker wires.

Here are the details of the new Class D amplifier models

  • Integrated SMPS, supporting 100, 240VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Power availability (2x15W, 2x50W, 1x29W, 1X100W, 1x200 subwoofer), configurable via jumpers
  • Integrated ultrasonic circuitry for surround speakers (MyZone support)
  • Status LEDs - system heartbeat, network link, amp error
  • Designed to meet UL safety specifications
  • Designed to pass FCC part 15 emissions requirements
  • Designed to pass DFS requirements when used with Summit receiver module


Working samples are available and configured for a surround speaker application, with an aluminum back plate and a Summit receiver module. More information can be found  at